About Gdynia Tango Festival

About Gdynia Tango Festival Poland festiwal Gdynia Tango Trójmiasto

About Gdynia Tango Festival

Gdynia Tango Festival was born out of a passion for tango – a dance that connects people around the world and transcends cultural boundaries. Our goal is to create a space where tango enthusiasts, both beginners and advanced, can meet, learn, develop, and enjoy their shared passion.


  1. Promoting Tango and Argentine Culture: We aim to spread knowledge about tango, its history, culture, and dance techniques. We want more people to discover the magic of this unique dance. 
  2. Building Community: The festival is a meeting place and an exchange of experiences for dancers from different parts of the world. We create a platform where new friendships and relationships are formed that last for many years. 
  3. Education: We offer workshops led by the best tango teachers who share their knowledge and experience. We believe that anyone can learn tango and improve their skills regardless of their level of advancement. 
  4. Culture and Art: Tango is not only a dance but also music and art. The festival also promotes artists related to tango, such as musicians, DJs, and choreographers, who inspire and enrich our events. 
  5. Fun and Joy: Above all, the festival is an opportunity to enjoy dance and spend time in an inspiring and friendly environment. Every milonga, workshop, and show aims to provide participants with unforgettable experiences. 


VALUES That Distinguish Us: 

Passion: Every action we take is driven by a love for tango and a desire to share this passion with others. 

Quality: We care about the high organizational and artistic level of the festival by inviting the best teachers and artists. 

Community: We focus on integration and building a strong, supportive community of dancers.

Innovation: We are open to new ideas and innovative approaches to organizing events to keep our festival always fresh and attractive. 


Gdynia Tango Festival – More Than Just Tango! Discover Argentine Folklore

The Gdynia Tango Festival is an extraordinary event that not only celebrates the beauty of tango but also brings participants closer to the richness of Argentine folklore. We want everyone to feel the full joy and energy that the culture of Argentina has to offer. We give you folklore workshop in price of FULL PASS, where you will learn the most popular dance – CHACARERA.

Why Folklore? Adding elements of Argentine folklore to our festival is a way to showcase the full spectrum of Argentina’s culture. Folklore is not just about dance, but above all, it embodies the spirit of community, openness, and joy of life. We want participants of the Gdynia Tango Festival to experience these emotions and feel how Argentine culture comes alive on the dance floor.


We invite you to celebrate tango and folklore together during the Gdynia Tango Festival, where every step is an expression of emotion, and every moment on the dance floor becomes an unforgettable experience. 

Dance with us and feel how tango and folklore can change your life!


Concert Hall

The festival will take place in a beautiful and spacious concert hall, located in the historic management building in the heart of the port of Gdynia. In 1922, the port of Gdynia celebrated its 100th anniversary, and in 1923, the ceremonial opening took place. The building was built in the years when tango was gaining its greatest popularity in the port districts of Buenos Aires, hence the idea to place the event in modern times in a place that, like no other, refers to the sources where sailors and port workers met to forget about everyday life. Among the tangueros, there are now more professions, but the reason for meeting remains the same.


Port Gdynia

Currently, the Port of Gdynia is a universal port and one of the leading ports of the southern Baltic. It specializes in handling general cargo, mainly unitized, transported in containers and in the ro-ro system. An important segment of activity is also the handling of bulk cargo based on specialized terminals. The Port of Gdynia is a recognized brand in transport and logistics systems around the world.


About Gdynia Tango Festival:  The Tricity

Gdynia is a part of Tricity together with Gdańsk and Sopot.
Gdynia is a young, but quickly expanding port situated right by the seashore, offering many tourist attractions as well as splendid shopping opportunities and a lot of entertainment. Places of interest are plentiful in Gdynia. Three of them are located around Kościuszko Square: the Oceanographic Museum, the Marine Aquarium and the Naval Museum. Those who prefer relaxing promenades will appreciate the seashore boulevards lined with cafés and taverns where shanties play and sailors recount tales to anyone willing to listen.
Every year the city becomes a venue for Polish Film Festival, Gdynia Summer Jazz Festival and from 2023 Gdynia Tango Festival as well!

Sopot, called the summer capital of Poland, is a busy place especially in the holiday season and welcomes tourists from around the world. The city center is located along Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, on the shore, along a beautiful promenade, closed to traffic, with plenty of restaurants and clubs. Straying a little from this promenade into one of the small streets of the town is all it takes to discover a different face of Sopot.

With over 1000 years of history and tradition Gdańsk offers visitors many interesting monuments located mostly along Długa Street and its direct surroundings. 16th and 17th century renovated residences line the street on an itinerary leading to the Old Town. Each building has its unique form and character mirroring that of its original owner.

A summary about Gdynia Tango Festival

Gdynia Tango Festival during the summer offers numerous benefits, including cultural exchange, natural beauty, a lively cultural scene, and personal growth. Tango enthusiasts from all over the world can come together to experience the passion and beauty of Tango while enjoying the stunning coastal scenery and rich cultural heritage of Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot.

Whether you are a seasoned Tango dancer or a beginner, a Tango event in Gdynia is an opportunity not to be missed. 

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