Agostina Tarchini

Agostina Tarchini in Gdynia Tango Festival

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher

World Stage Tango Champion (2017)


Argentinian by origin, Agostina Tarchini is currently based in Barcelona/Spain. Versatile dancer who created Tango Femme style. She develops her activity giving workshops and shows internationally (mainly Asia and Europe).

She has a degree in Psychology, received with honors from the Universidad del Salvador in Argentina, which undoubtedly helps her in her work as a teacher.

Agostina Tarchini discovered tango at the age of 16, in her hometown, Santiago del Estero. As a teenager, she wanted to join the official ballet of the province, but for that it was necessary to learn a little more about the style. Some time later, she started classes and her teacher gave her a CD with choreographies. In one of the videos appeared Geraldine Rojas with Javier Rodriguez, and in another one Gavito with Marcela Durán. “At that moment I fell in love with tango, which is why the following year I decided to move to Buenos Aires to take classes,” she says.

This amazing dancer will lead 2 workshops during Gdynia Tango Festival.

Remember that you don’t need a partner to join these workshops and they are included in the FULL PASS price!

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