Luis Abellán

Tango DJ Luis

Dj Luis at Gdynia Tango Festival

I was in a coma, seeing the light in the distance and hearing voices. I was about to cross the threshold when a hand blocked my way and a voice said to me, “Quilombito, the next step you take will be in the milonga.” It was Carlos Gardel.

I woke up in Madrid and started in tango. Three months later, I was already DJing my first practice session on Tuesdays. A year later, I was hired as the organizer and DJ of the most high-class milonga of the moment: “Shusheta.” Many projects later—practices, classes, events—I launched my personal project, the milonga I have been organizing and DJing for six years on Thursdays: Suerte Loca, now a tango club. And for the past three years, a shared milonga on Sundays: Amarras.

Since those days, I study at least ten hours a week. I live for tango: friends, loves, and nights at the milonga. Above all, I am a milonguero. In short, I love and respect tango, its customs, and its people. My milongueros, the most regular and loyal, know this and let me choose the music for their nights of revelry.

As for my conception of tango, it is like an empanada, a pizza, or a milanesa. It’s not creative or innovative, but everyone likes it. I try to play the most traditional and well-known music for the dancers, so that if by chance it’s their last milonga, no one leaves without dancing what must be danced. And that’s it.

The concept of the festival milongas is non-stop music from 4 pm to 4 am (Friday from 9 pm till 4am). Each of our great DJs will have 3 hour long shifts. That means that you will dance to their sets at least twice during all parties.

They are all a group of friends, so you can be sure that they will take care of the best mood on the dance floor as a team. During the DJ changes there will be shoots of FOLKLORE (10-minute sets)! So be sure to take part in the Friday chacarera workshop, which is included in the FULL PASS price!

Our Djs' Team

Rashmi Singh

Rashmi is the Queen of our DJ team.

Santiago Buonomo

Having been born in Uruguay tango is one of the sounds that accompanied the Dj Santiago Buonomo since the cradle.

Jose Iglesias

Respected milonguero. Organiser, film, theatre & opera director.

Fernando “Chucky” Romero

Fernando ‘Chucky’ Romero in Gdynia Tango Festival

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