Gdynia Tango Festival

Gdynia Tango Festival is a concept as fresh as the sea breeze. Tango goes back to its roots!
Festival in the heart of the Port of Gdynia.

Milongas from Thursday to Monday morning.

5 workshops in a No-Partner-Needed concept included in the full passes price.

3 masterclasses with two amazing tango couples: Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella, Martín Vicente & Ayelen Urrutia

Live music by Cuarteto Re!Tango and shows of the maestros: Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella, Martín Vicente & Ayelen Urrutia, Fernando “Chucky” Romero

All this under one roof and at a great price!

Tango will be hosted by the spacious concert hall with a perfect sound system, a professional dance floor, comfortable dressing rooms and free parking.

Illustration gdynia Tango Festival by Fernando Mena Studio

2024 Edition

Gdynia Tango Festival Line Up

Here's our team of celebrities for this Gdynia Tango Festival edition

Martín Vicente & Ayelen Urrutia

Their dance conveys the style of Tango Salón with extraordinary elegance.

Rashmi Singh

Rashmi is the Queen of our DJ team.

Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella

Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella are an extraordinary pair of dancers. Passionate and expressive,…

Fernando ‘Chucky’ Romero

Fernando ‘Chucky’ Romero is an artist, dancer, choreographer and teacher of recognized prestige.

Luis Abellán

I was in a coma, seeing the light in the distance and hearing voices…

Santiago Buonomo

Having been born in Uruguay tango is one of the sounds that accompanied the Dj Santiago Buonomo since the cradle.

Jose Iglesias

Respected milonguero. Organiser, film, theatre & opera director.

Fernando “Chucky” Romero

Fernando ‘Chucky’ Romero in Gdynia Tango Festival

Cuarteto Re!Tango

Cuarteto Re!Tango one of the most highly regarded groups in Poland specializing in Argentine tango.

Fernando Mena

Fernando Mena is a visual artist, filmmaker and graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Gdynia Tango Festival

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